Basic Phrases

Basic Phrases

Mr. Fuji

4/11/20231 min read

Basic Hebrew Phrases for High School Students

Directions: Learn these basic Hebrew phrases to help you communicate in simple everyday situations. Practice saying the phrases out loud and writing them in Hebrew.

Hello / Goodbye (informal)

English: Hi / Bye

Hebrew: שלום (Shalom)


English: Please

Hebrew: בבקשה (Bevakasha)

Thank you

English: Thank you

Hebrew: תודה (Toda)

You're welcome

English: You're welcome

Hebrew: על לא דבר (Al lo davar)

Excuse me / Sorry

English: Excuse me / Sorry

Hebrew: סליחה (Slicha)

Yes / No

English: Yes / No

Hebrew: כן (Ken) / לא (Lo)

What is your name?

English: What is your name?

Hebrew: מה שמך? (Ma shmecha?) - for males

Hebrew: מה שמך? (Ma shmech?) - for females

My name is...

English: My name is...

Hebrew: שמי... (Shmi...)

Nice to meet you

English: Nice to meet you

Hebrew: נעים להכיר (Naim lehakir)

How are you?

English: How are you?

Hebrew: מה שלומך? (Ma shlomcha?) - for males

Hebrew: מה שלומך? (Ma shlomech?) - for females

I am fine

English: I am fine

Hebrew: אני בסדר (Ani beseder)

Where is the bathroom?

English: Where is the bathroom?

Hebrew: איפה השירותים? (Eifo ha'sherutim?)

How much does it cost?

English: How much does it cost?

Hebrew: כמה זה עולה? (Kama ze oleh?)


English: Help!

Hebrew: עזרה! (Ezra!)

Remember to practice these phrases regularly to help you become more comfortable with basic Hebrew conversation.