Hebrew Alphabet

Introduction to the Hebrew Alphabet

Mr. Fuji

4/11/20232 min read

Lesson Plan: Introduction to the Hebrew Alphabet

Subject: Hebrew

Grade Level: Elementary (Grades 3-5)

Duration: 45 minutes


By the end of this lesson, students will be able to recognize and name the letters of the Hebrew alphabet, understand the direction of Hebrew writing (right to left), and identify basic features of the Hebrew script.


Whiteboard or blackboard

Hebrew Alphabet Chart

Paper and pencils

Worksheets with the Hebrew alphabet and practice exercises

Flashcards with Hebrew letters

Lesson Procedure:

Introduction (5 minutes)

Begin by asking students if they know any languages other than their native language, and write some examples on the board.

Introduce Hebrew as a language spoken primarily in Israel, and explain that it has its own unique alphabet.

Explain that Hebrew is written and read from right to left, unlike English which is written and read from left to right.

Presenting the Hebrew Alphabet (15 minutes)

Show the Hebrew Alphabet Chart and pronounce each letter, asking students to repeat after you.

As you go through the letters, point out any similarities or differences between Hebrew and English letters.

Write the Hebrew alphabet on the board, and have students practice writing each letter on their paper.

Practice with Flashcards (10 minutes)

Divide students into pairs, and give each pair a set of Hebrew alphabet flashcards.

Instruct students to take turns showing a flashcard to their partner, who must try to identify and name the Hebrew letter.

Encourage students to help each other if they are struggling.

Worksheets (10 minutes)

Distribute worksheets with the Hebrew alphabet and practice exercises.

Give students time to complete the exercises individually or in pairs, and then review the answers as a class.

Review and Closure (5 minutes)

Review the Hebrew alphabet one more time as a class, and ask students to share any observations or questions they have.

Explain that this is just the beginning of learning Hebrew, and there are many more things to discover, such as vowels, words, and sentences.


Distribute a short quiz to assess students' understanding of the Hebrew alphabet. The quiz should include:

Matching: Match the Hebrew letters with their English transliteration.

Fill in the blank: Write the missing Hebrew letters in the sequence.

Multiple choice: Identify the correct Hebrew letter from a list of options.

Short answer: Write the name of a Hebrew letter in English.

Make sure to review the quiz answers as a class to reinforce learning and address any misconceptions.