Worksheet Hebrew Letter

Mr. Fuji

4/11/20231 min read

Hebrew Alphabet Worksheet

Directions: Complete the following activities to practice your understanding of the Hebrew alphabet. Make sure to write neatly and clearly.

Part 1: Trace and Write

Trace over the Hebrew letters below and then practice writing them on your own in the empty spaces provided.

א Aleph: _____________

ב Bet: _____________

ג Gimel: _____________

ד Dalet: _____________

ה Hei: _____________

ו Vav: _____________

ז Zayin: _____________

ח Chet: _____________

ט Tet: _____________

י Yud: _____________

כ Kaf: _____________

ל Lamed: _____________

מ Mem: _____________

נ Nun: _____________

ס Samech: _____________

ע Ayin: _____________

פ Pei: _____________

צ Tsadi: _____________

ק Kuf: _____________

ר Resh: _____________

ש Shin: _____________

ת Tav: _____________

Part 2: Letter Recognition

Circle the correct Hebrew letter that matches the English transliteration.


א ב ג ד


ה ו ב ז


ט ח כ ג


י ד ל מ


נ ה ס ע

Part 3: Letter Sequencing

Fill in the blank with the correct Hebrew letter that comes next in the alphabet.

ג ____

י ____

כ ____

פ ____

ק ____

Good job! Keep practicing the Hebrew alphabet to become more familiar with it. Remember, Hebrew is read and written from right to left.